Synopsis - The Ultimate Showdowns

Synopsis - The Ultimate SHOWDOWNS

 President Brian Connelly enlists Inspector Warren’s aid. Warren and his team hack into the U.S. FED and Treasury, and the world’s biggest banks with ease. While trying to enter the largest Swiss back, they get back-hacked, then the next time they try it, a hit team descends upon them. But they are ready for an ambush and avoid being murdered.

When the timing is right, Brian goes after every enemy of the United States, both foreign and domestic. He renders the FED powerless in the affairs of state. The kicks the largest foreign banks out of the country, then institutes his rules on all American banks. Brian tries to make sure all accident and injury lawyers are unable to collect their forty percent, but fails. He attempts to reform health care, and fails. The supreme courts overturns some of his banking regulations, He puts America on the road to being completely green with, no-emission cars, power plants, oil refineries, paper mills, and begins deploying thermal depolymerization units for every polluting industry, including mining. He gears up American rare elements production.

When Joseph Kony is found, Brian has the U.S. military annihilate the warlord and his army, sparing the boy soldiers.

Warren falls in love.

Since the U.S. military is in place, and after getting sanctions from the Congress and U.S. allies, Brian orders America's armed forces to invade Iran and take her nuclear capabilities by force.

The Iranians elect a new president, who promptly detonates a large nuclear weapon deep beneath the Kavir Salt Desert, then demands new talks with the Israelis.

The Israelis, desperate to avoid a first strike, deploy nuclear weapons aboard trucks and try to sneak them across their borders to blackmail their neighbors. Because of Warren’s Intel, Brian is able to inform the countries involved who dispose of the nukes, but two detonate.

Russia and seven Arab countries declare war on Israel and mean to wipe her off the face of the Earth. Brian, with his options down to zero, shocks the world and declares America at war with Israel. Using his influence as part of the coalition against Israel, he onvinces his allies not to attack her until he can implement his plans.

After his Joint Chiefs mutiny, Brian is still able to extract all nukes from Israel. Then, after the Israelis elect a new government, their new prime minister arrests the old government and sends them to the Hague for trial. With the last demand for peace met, the new Israeli government sends an ambassador to the U.N. where peace treaties are signed, ending World War III, and bringing a chance for lasting peace to the region.  

Amy, Brian’s wife, is going to have a baby.

The House impeaches Brian and sends the bill to the Senate. On the eve of the Senate’s vote, with the outcome a foregone conclusion against him, Brian wins the Nobel Peace Prize and the Senate drops their impeachment proceedings. Brian and Amy travel to Oslo to receive their prize.

During his second State of the Union address, Brian declares war on the largest remaining enemy of the people of the United States, the Congress, and is ready to back up that threat. He outlines a simple plan for the American people to throw the bums out and reclaim their government.  

And his enemies descend upon him.

The sequel to the is novel, "Cracking The Curtain," is ready to go.