Synopsis - In A Fit Of Fury

Synopsis: In A Fit Of Fury


Five terrorists hijack a jumbo jet. Inspector Warren, a United States Marshal assigned to the flight, overcomes and kills the terrorists, one of whom has a live grenade.


Arriving in Washington, Warren is hurried off to Langley. Before the CIA Director is to testify before Congress about the CIA's involvement in the Iran affair, the director recruits Warren and fellow marshals, Bryce Shaw and Steve and Sam Murdock, to protect him, and reveals a suspected plot on his life from inside the CIA. There is an attempt on the Director's life while en route to Capitol Hill. Returning to Langley, The Director’s subordinate, Stephen Nettles, informs Warren and his team, that a renegade agent, Robert Stubbs, is the prime suspect. Bryce Shaw, a colleague of Warren's, decides to conduct his own investigation.


The next morning, Shaw is found murdered. Warren vows revenge on Stubbs and follows the circuitous trail of four suspects to Washington’s National Airport. He is surprised as Stubbs' wife, Nancy, arrives, sees Warren, then rushes in front of a cab. She is seriously injured. An airline ticket to Miami in Nancy's purse leads Warren to make the connection between her and the four suspectsCone of them is Stubbs.


Warren and fellow agents and identical twins, Steve and Sam Murdock, follow Stubbs to Miami and learn that Stubbs and his confederates have hijacked a CIA courier jet. At Miami's CIA headquarters, the Director requests the Air Force to shoot down the jet when it approaches the Cuban coast. After the plane crashes at sea, the Air Force pilots report four parachutes drifting toward shore.


Warren observes by infra‑red satellite as the suspects are taken by convoy to a Cuban army compound fourteen miles inland. Warren, Steve and Sam volunteer to go after Stubbs. The CIA flies them, beneath Cuban radar, to thirteen miles off the Cuban coast. A fisherman, Carlos, takes them ashore, then inland. The marshals steal into the compound, kill the guards and capture their quarry. But, before they can rendezvous with the boat that is to take them off the island, a convoy of Cuban soldiers arrive. The Americans bolt into the jungle to elude their pursuers. 


The next morning, Stubbs reveals his story: that he was ordered to assassinate the CIA Director, that he refused and was then set up to take the fall and fled the country; and what actually happened to the director the morning he was to testify before Congress. Then, Stubbs offers convincing proof of his innocence. A confused Warren sifts the clues and now knows who killed his friend. The marshals discover they have been betrayed and abandoned in a hostile land. The Cuban army hunts them. If they can escape from the island, they will have to confront two powerful CIA operatives who control a small, but highly technical army.


Warren opens the diplomatic pouch Stubbs took from the courier jet and finds a passbook and key to a Swiss bank account holding over thirteen million dollars and destined for Iranian and Isaeli agents, explaining a rash of murders in Iran.


Now allies, Warren and Stubbs determine Nettles tried to kill the Director before he could testify to Congress. Their musings are cut short when Cuban soldiers discover them. They race into the forest and fight several skirmishes. Reaching an impenetrable swamp, they turn south, only to encounter another patrol. The Americans plunge into the swamp and are trapped by an army closing in on three sides. Stubbs is killed.


Now desperate, the small company attempts a dangerous crossing of a rain-swollen river. Sam nearly drowns and is resuscitated by Diane Carter, the last remaining member of Stubbs' group. Warren's party avoids the Cuban army by backtracking inland toward the Rio Dominica on the northwestern Cuban coast. At dawn, they return to the boat left by Carlos in the village of San Juan and walk into a trap set by CIA operatives. They fight their way clear, then the fisherman pilots them down river.


A Cuban gunboat patrols the channel to the open ocean. The Americans outmaneuver the gunboat, engage four helicopters, and are suddenly attacked by a jet fighter. The boat enters a storm front. Warren is injured during a bomb explosion.


Under the cover of the storm, they evade the gunboat and limp northeast until they arrive in the Florida Keys. They are surprised by the absence of the U.S. Coast Guard. As they pull near a fishing boat, to determine their location, they are ambushed by the CIA. The marshals sink one CIA boat. Another chases them toward shore. They abandon their boat in a marina, steal a car and are pursued to the next Key. They outwit their pursuers and drive to Sarasota. Later that night, they kill two men attempting to place an explosive device under Warren's car.


Arriving in Washington, they plots their revenge. Diane seduces Warren. Later, they locate the house of one of their enemies, Lance Rollings. When they attempt to storm Rollins’ home, they are thwarted by an attack by CIA operatives. All three marshals are wounded. Warren's supervisor, Gerald O'Malley, arrives to counter‑attack the rogue CIA agents. Nettles is killed. Rollings escapes.


O'Malley reveals his involvement in Warren's case. During two weeks of recuperation, Warren confesses his love for Diane. He also decides to go for the money. The three marshals and Diane fly to Bern. An uncomfortable Warren retrieves the thirteen million dollars in cash from an officious bank manager.


Diane, Rollings and three men are waiting for Warren when he arrives back at his hotel. Rollings takes the money, then shoots his own men in the back. When he is about to shoot Warren, Diane kills Rollings. She puts half the money on the floor for Warren and turns to leave. Sam rushes into the room and puts his gun to her head, after discovering she has been a traitor all along.


Warren convinces Sam not to kill Diane. Warren gives her a fourth of the money and doesn't prevent her from leaving. From his London hotel, Warren calls O'Malley. O'Malley tells him, "Abbas has been seen in Cairo." Warren says, "We'll be there in ten hours."