Synopsis: Americaless

            President Brian Connelly has been assassinated. The vice president reluctantly gives Marshal executive authority to solve the president's assassination. 

            Warren gathers his team and begins gathering and sifting the clues. Irrefutable evidence positively identifies a wide-ranging Secret Service plot to murder the president. But when one agent who forensics identifies as one of the killers proves his innocence, Warren must look at this case from a whole new angle.

            Warren has the NSA determine the precise epicenter of the blacked out area. From there they determine that a non-nuclear electro-magnetic pulse device must have originated in Ft. Meade Maryland. The fort is searched and the device is found. Proof emerges that it was Army Intelligence at Ft. Belvoir who carried out the assassination. But who financed it?

            Warren, to his astonishment, discovers that the president is not dead, though gravely wounded. And the wounds are a key piece of evidence.

            Warren has had dealings with the descendants of the godfather of the Georgian Mafia from Russia. Warren asks the NSA to see if any members of that family are in the U.S. Four are. Warren has them followed and their bank records searched. The last piece of the conspiracy is uncovered. The Georgian mob financed President Connelly's murder.

            Brian recovers from his wounds and arrests the conspirators. Brian even kidnaps a grand duke, the man behind the money, from his estate in France. Instead of trying and convicting the members of the family, he blackmails the family for half of its fortune and releases the conspirators, then forms foundations and companies to 'do good' with all that money.

            Brian restructures the CIA, FBI. and certain elements of the United States Army because of their role in the assassination attempt.

            When Alabama and other states pass harsh anti-abortion laws, Brian makes speeches condemning these laws. He later bitterly regrets how he did that,

            When Crimea declares its independence, the Russians invade. Brian sends a reinforced Sixth fleet into the Black Sea. After a last ditch attempt to avoid war, Brian keeps it a regional conflict by declaring war on, not Russia, but Crimea. Brian proclaims that every soldier and tank in Crimea are Crimean and has his generals destroy all the Russian armor in Crimea. Then every satellite goes dark. Without being able to see what is going on, war rages on land, sea and in the air until the Crimea is free and an independent country.

            Brian must thwart the super rich when they crash the stock market.

            Brian tries to close the Guantanamo prison but a bipartisan Congress has passed laws to keep it open indefinitely.    

            Brian tries to make health care affordable to all, but fails. 

            He wipes out the most powerful Mexican drug cartel.

            Brian and Amy, his wife, have a baby; they call her Annie.

            Brian pays off the national debt through one of his foundations to the consternation of Congress. Brian is subpoenaed before a Senate committee that is determined to find the source of all the money that certain foundations and businesses are spending.

            The Chinese government massacres of hundreds of dissidents. Knowing Congress will do nothing but posture, Brian goes to China and tells their leadership that he will begin a worldwide boycott of all Chinese products until they release the real Panchen Lama and guarantee the Dalai Lama's safe and permanent return into Tibet.

            The boycott catches on. Chinese goods are stacking up all over the world.

            Many American businesses are incensed when their profits dry up. A foundation formed by Brian reimburses them. Finally, after many American businesses announce plans to move their manufacturing base from China to Latin America, the Chinese government relents and releases the Panchen Lama and issues the Dalai Lama a visa and guarantees his safety.

            Brian announces that America is in the business of peace and suspends all arms sales.

            Congress impeaches Brian out of office.

            At that moment, half a world away, the real Panchen Lama disappears and is never seen again, and the Dalai Lama's visa to enter China is revoked.

            Seeing no other way to make a difference, Brian runs for president again in '20 as the American Party candidate.

            Can Brian implement his reforms before it's too late.

            And will Brian, Amy and Annie find happiness, or nothing but endless stress and frustration?