Synopsis - The Grillo War

Synopsis: The Grillo War

 Warren barely escapes an attempt on his life when three assassins invade his home. He knows who sent them, the most powerful mafia lord in the country, Antonio Franco Grillo, but must prove it. He gathers his allies, then pursues a complicated clue inherent in the silk suits the hit men were wearing.

On their way to a tailors shop in Queens, Warren and his entourage are attacked by riflemen on nearby rooftops. Warren and some of his men escape into a nearby building and are pinned down. They try to call for help, but their cell phones won’t work. They go up onto the roof for better reception, where a lone sniper is waiting for them. They try to use the land phones inside the building, but some are booby trapped with high explosive. They manage to escape after the police and firemen arrive.Warren wonders if Grillo could have planted those clues to lead him into that ambush. O’Malley, Warren’s boss, sends Warren some “help.”  Reclusive and mysterious, man named Carlos shows up.

The surveillance on Grillo’s home turns up a warehouse where men are loitering, one of whom Warren recognizes from the ambush. On their way to the warehouse, Warren and his men are attacked again, but this time they are prepared for that possibility with armored vehicles and armor-piercing ammunition. Reinforcements surround and then decimate the ambushers. 

One of Warren’s FBI research teams, led by Robert Falwell, using incredibly sophisticated electronic means, unravels Grillo money laundering schemes and discovers all of Grillo’s properties around the world. Warren gets an arrest warrant for Grillo and storms into his house, but the mob boss and his henchmen, having been warned, flee up the coast in speed boats. Warren’s FBI satellite follows Grillo’s progress as far as it can, then loses them. From information gleaned from remote sources, Warren deduces where Grill has fled. He and his men travel upstate to a huge home in the mountains, but there is no sign that Grillo actually owns the place or has ever been there.

Convinced he is right, Warren has every wall, floor and ceiling in the place sonogrammed and x-rayed. Sure enough, he uncovers a bunker below the basement and a six mile-long tunnel leading away from the house. Warren and his men follow the tracks to another, smaller cabin even higher in the mountains where the trail simply disappears. Warren has every wall, floor and ceiling in that place sonogrammed and x-rayed, but can’t find anything. 

 Against all the evidence and the opinions of his men, Warren feels that Grillo is there, somewhere, and has one of the FBI’s spy satellites keep constant surveillance on that place.

Warren plays the waiting game and nearly goes crazy. But finally, Warren and his team watch via satellite as a helicopter lands beside the smaller cabin in the dead of night. Then twelve men leave the structure and climb aboard. They watch as the chopper flies south and eventually lands at LaGuardia airport.

Warren and his men jump on Grillo’s tail again, only to be ambushed again, and Grillo disappears again. This time Warren gets prisoners, including the one man who was responsible for all the ambushes, Johnny Savini. Warren allows Carlos to torture Savini, and Savini finally gives up Grillo’s hiding place.

Warren raids the place, but Grillo was never there. Warren realizes that Savini lied and died rather than betray his boss.

Warren gathers every scrap of information he has accrued on Grillo and plots a trap. To succeed means flushing Grillo into the open where a showdown can happen. To fail means that Grillo will elude Warren for good, then Grillo can then regroup, plan his eventual revenge against Warren, and come after him again at any time, from any direction and he, Warren, will be looking over his shoulder forever, wondering when the bullet with his name on it will strike him down.

 Does Warren have all the information he needs? Was some of that information planted by Grillo to mislead him? Can he maneuver Grillo into his trap, or will Grillo trick Warren into making a fatal mistake?