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It's All Up To Us
 The first novel in the Brian Connelly trilogy

 Sick and tired of the political corruption in this country, of politicians selling themselves like so many pork bellies, of our elected officials putting hard- working people dead last when making their decisions? So is Brian Connelly. Book 1: Follow Brian as he runs for the Senate in '14 as a Democrat, using a go-green, put-people-back-to-work-manufacturing-green-technologies platform. And the political hatchet men come after him. But Brian knows a secret and uses it to full advantage, and actually wins the Senate seat. Book 2: In Washington, he quickly gets censured and stripped of his committees when he votes his conscience and not how he's ordered to vote. With no other way to make a difference, he runs for president in '16. Book 3: Having no nation-wide name recognition, or the funds to buy it, the political machines run Brian into the ground. So he decides to quit the Democratic Party. He forms his own party, the American Party, and hits the campaign trail speaking about Sanity in Government and actually wins the California Democratic primary as a write-in candidate. His name becomes a household word. The polls have him on equal footing with his opponents. Of course, once he gains in popularity, the world’s true power brokers fear him and multiple sabotage and murder plots converge on him. Can he survive until election day?

It’s All Up To Us is only five hundredths of a cent per word.

 Peaches and Kirby believe It's All Up To Us is THE All-American novel.

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     Or buy It's All Up To Us in paperback. What fun.

       The Ultimate Showdowns


The second novel in the Brian Connelly trilogy

President Brian Connelly enlists Inspector Warren’s aid, then goes after the enemies of the United States, both foreign and domestic, just the way it should be. He tries to fix health care and lawyers, but fails. He takes charge of the banks, puts America on the road to being completely green, deals with North Korea and World War III happens, all within the first year. In his second State of the Union address, Brian declares war on, “the biggest threat to our country, the United States Congress,” and is ready to back up that threat.Can he survive the press, impeachment proceedings, no-win scenarios and murder plots?

          Taut and bristling with suspense, this is the story for our times.

          With two, mark that, two, wonderful love stories.


At a mere  $2.99, reading The Ultimate Showdowns will be your life's accord.

Peaches and Kirby went crazy for The Ultimate Showdowns.

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Or buy The Ultimate Showdowns in paperback. What joy.


The third novel in the Brian Connelly trilogy

 The president of the United States, Brian Connelly, has been assassinated. The vice president reluctantly gives U.S. Marshal Warren executive authority to hunt down the conspirators impartially. Warren assembles his team and sifts the clues, but will they get enough information to solve this investigation? Though badly wounded, the president is not dead. When Warren presents his team's conclusions, Brian arrests those who tried to murder him, then releases them, for a price. Brian puts America on the road to being green. He thwarts the super rich when they crash the stock market. He wipes out the most powerful Mexican drug cartel. Brian fights a war with the Russians when they invade Crimea, annihilates Joseph Kony and his army, and blackmails the Chinese government after they massacre hundreds of dissidents. Brian declares that America is in the business of peace and bans all arms sales, and Congress impeaches him out of office. Seeing no other way to make a difference, he runs for president again in '20 as the American Party candidate. Can Brian implement his reforms before it's too late?


Americaless - the blueprint to fix America.

Peaches and Kirby say throw the bums out! Throw the bums out!

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Or buy Americaless in paperback. What happiness.

In A Fit Of Fury
The first Inspector Warren adventure
The Director of the CIA needs protection and asks Warren and his Marshals to see him safely to testify before Congress. The director has a seizure enroute. A friend of Warren's is killed by the would-be murderers who flee to Cuba. Warren and his men are smuggled ashore and kidnap them from the Cuban army. Then they must think and fight their way off the island, and avoid or fight everyone who does not want them to return home, for reasons they must discover.

I can buy In A Fit Of Fury and complete the trilogy? Yes.

 Peaches and Kirby anxiously lapped up every word of In A Fit Of Fury.

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         Or buy In A Fit Of Fury in paperback. How excting.

The Crunch Case
The second Inspector Warren adventure

Instead of getting his much-needed vacation, U.S. Marshal Warren is sent to New York to become a member of an international group of law enforcement officers to combat a highly-addictive, smokable form of heroin that the press dubs, "Crunch." Crunch has inundated much of the world and is the number one health hazard in the U.S.. Even members of Warren's own family have been destroyed by crunch. No law enforcement agency in the world can figure out where the poppies are grown, the heroin is manufactured into crunch, or how it is being transported all over the world. The most puzzling aspect about crunch is why only certain countries are being targeted, while other seem immune. Why are the U.S. and Canada slammed and Mexico stays bone dry? Why are Argentina and tiny Honduras targeted, while the rest of Central and South America are not? Why are Norway and Denmark inundated, while the rest of the Scandinavian countries are left alone? The rest of the world is eerily similar. Warren must put the clues together and follow them one dead end after the other. Will he be able to find out who is responsible and put them out of business forever?

The bargain of the century. You can’t afford not to read The Crunch Case.

Peaches and Kirby agree. Read The Crunch Case first.

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                                                                 Or buy The Crunch Case in paperback. What pleasure.

The Grillo War

The third Inspector Warren adventure

The most powerful mafia lord in the country wants Inspector Warren dead. After a botched attempt on his life, Warren gathers his allies and goes after his enemy, but immediately learns that he is the one who is hunted. He soon realizes that he is up against the most cunning adversary he has ever faced, and an all out war develops. It is a war of subterfuge, brutality and nerves, with feint within feint, and whoever can gain the edge with information and firepower just might survive.

It’s the deal you can’t refuse. Read The Grillo War or else.

  Peaches thinks The Grillo War is as good as The Crunch Case, any day. Kirby might like it a little bit better.

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Or buy The Grillo War in paperback. How delightful.

Take That Step
 Follow Erin Miller as she enters Horace Hubble’s “world” and its wonderful effects take hold.
The consequences are profound for her, even if it’s too late for him.

  Reading Take That Step is the opportunity of your lifetime. Make it count.

Peaches and Kirby can't wait to Take That Step into Mr. Hubble's world.

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                                               KINDLE                                      BARNES & NOBLE                                  SMASHWORDS                                        ODILO                         

                                   GARDNERS                                             iTunes                                            KOBO                                       OVERDRIVE                                        SCRIBD
Or buy Take That Step in paperback. What gladness.

More novels!
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Naked In The Snow
 Coming Soon:
 No Rest For The Weary
 Coming Soon:
The Great Brothers Awaken
                                                              Peaches and Kirby can't wait!                                             


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